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[audio]Cryxuss - Ethereal Creature - Cryxuss
Deeply chilled & relaxed. Let your mind rest from all kinds of rushs of modern world by listening to Ethereal Creature by Cryxuss. Once again, Torrentech's bringing pure aural bliss. This music makes me wonder why this is not a mainstream at all, in any sense? There's good reason for it and the answer lies in detachment from ourselves while struggling for survival in this wrong world, fighting for wrong aims...
Keywords: cryxuss; torrentech; tt045; ambient
Downloads: 29
[audio]Faktor & Vektor - Dolaze Teška Vremena - Faktor & Vektor
This time we bring you some session-type weird electronic music. This is so serious that you won't get any glimpse of how good it is if you don't listen to it from the beginning to the end. Right now, I keep on asking myself whether I actually need to spend more words on this release, but I will try to. As you can expect anything when you listen to the album, expect anything from me now. Yeah, the hard times ("teska vremena" in serbian) finally came...
Keywords: Faktor & Vektor; TT015; Experimental; torrentech
Downloads: 35
[audio]Seaflyte - Earth Painting - Seaflyte
Earth Painting by Seaflyte is really an album to chill out to. Easy landscape-like melodies, interesting sounds, sounds like inspiration successfully converted to music, like every track is written in one breath - that's how the best music is made, that's for sure... Go, use this music and be sure to checkout Artist site:
Keywords: Seaflyte; tt025; torrentech; idm; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 47
[audio]FIDM - Conjury Duty - FIDM
Here we have our tT netlabel artist releasing under different alias. So it's Push-Button Saviour a.k.a. FIDM, giving us a bit more experimental trip on his new release. This is mind-intensive music, always unpredictable both in the means of structure and sound, begging you to be focused while you listen to it, and then the whole new world may emerge. Or should I say landscape? Or should I just say.....
Keywords: FIDM; TT029; experimental; noise; electronic; torrentech
Downloads: 52
[audio]Boxmode - Illogic - Boxmode
Here we have another Minimal release on tT netlabel. As far as I'm concerned, Minimal is pretty much of a slippy ground, because many artists gone too far and started making soulless trips, with no point at all, more like (random) sounds on a pile. Well, that is certanly not the case with Boxmode's Illogic album: it's a sensible and experienced journey coming out from an artist that obviously know what the dancefloor is...
Keywords: TT035; torrentech; boxmode; minimal; techno
Downloads: 40
[audio]Cryxuss - Harey - Cryxuss
"Harey", a debut album for Cryxuss is out. It's named after a female character from Solaris by Stanislav Lem. This beautiful ambiental music is mostly for relaxed background listening and spinning over and over again. It is conceptual album with deeper introspective story about inspiration and intentions. Because this is definitely not for fast consumers, try to listen to it in its full length and even put it on rotation...
Keywords: Cryxuss; torrentech; tt041; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 16
[audio]Sonik - Overload - Sonik
Sonik's new album Overload is actually one track lasting 90 mins. One theme after another, it flows naturally, and often there are no distinct borders, it just evolves. As for style, this piece can be categorized as Electro with occasional IDM feel, melting with Techno somewhere in the middle. On a side note, it's worth mentioning that this is rendered in 24 bit / 96 KHz quality, so sound clarity is really the best you can get...
Keywords: Sonik; TT035; electro; techno; torrentech
Downloads: 35
[audio]Re-Drum - Another Path Between Universes - Re-Drum
Here we have the new release by one of the most active and talented tT community members, and that's, of course, Re-Drum. Once again he is prooving his diversity in electronic music genres. After the IDM and Ambient sounds on Different Analysis album, across Minimal and Dub Techno on Colours I & II, we are honoured to enjoy some Downtempo styled music on his latest album. This is one sample-intensive journey that you can rotate for a whole day while you're geeking around on the net...
Keywords: Re-Drum; TT026; Ambient; Downtempo; torrentech
Downloads: 123
[audio]Boxmode - Wrong Era - Boxmode
It's time to take a little break and consume beautiful minimal sounds brought to us by Boxmode. Wrong Era album connects subtle Ambient and Minimal vibes, pushing you further to the "deeper" listening, as well as deeper understanding that sound itself can be beautiful. Album name is nice because we're definitely living in wrong era, and we don't have much reasons to be optimistic about the global ongoings and our fate...
Keywords: TT035; torrentech; boxmode; minimal; techno
Downloads: 38
[audio]Ceekayed - Motionless - Ceekayed
Lay down and relax. Put your headphones on and isolate yourself from this world so you can seriously enjoy chilled beats and landscape-like melodies of Motionless. It's difficult to find proper words for describing this music, but I'm sure it floats very well and it's very consumable. Audio production is great too, Ceekayed's is definitely hearing it, and it's more interesting because it's done in some non-mainstream tools like Renoise and Chibitracker...
Keywords: Ceekayed; Torrentech; TT042; downtempo; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 41
[audio]Seaflyte - Voyager - Seaflyte
Another great release from Torrentech's kitchen. Very suitable for easy listening background music, + there's Voyager, more rhythmic and very catchy track that reminds me of the first half of 90ies when IDM sounds started to emerge. As for Boards of Canada - this album is real tribute to them, once more verifying the fact that they are one of the most influential electronic bands ever. Really nice vibes for long term listening...
Keywords: Seaflyte; tt022; torrentech; idm; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 100 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Ryan Pivovar - Penrose Triangle - Ryan Pivovar
If somebody asked me 2 years ago what will be the Torrentech's legacy as a label, I would reply with something like "plenty of serious techno beats". But hell no, it turned out that IDM and breakbeats are actually dominant. Don't know what's the reason and I don't mind too much that there's actually no "serious techno beats" yet, but here's another nice piece of art to enforce the IDM, the most broadly and free-form defined style in electronic music today...
Keywords: Ryan Pivovar; TT019; torrentech; idm; electronic
Downloads: 67
[audio]Obscure Visions - Four Roads - Obscure Visions
Time for some zero-beat dark ambient stuff. Essentially minimal and fairly hard to understand and adopt. Almost a counterpart to music itself. To be honest, it's hard to even call it a music, because there is no intense and playful melody, there is rhythm, too. It's more of a sound texture, but that doesn't lower its value, it's a whole concept. It's like you need to fully switch on and dig deep while consuming this, finding some deeper meanings in the process...
Keywords: Obscure Visions; TT036; dark; ambient; dark ambient; electronic; torrentech
Downloads: 30
[audio]Push-Button Saviour - Donations & Medications - Push-Button Saviour
Push-Button Saviour is making his debut on Torrentech netlabel with some pretty good stuff. Donations & Medications is a downtempo album with no breaks between tracks, and it naturally flows from track to track, in the best Boards Of Canada manner. I'm repeating myself, but how can I even think of not mentioning them when their influence here is definitely huge and confirmed by artist? Artist site:
Keywords: Push-Button Saviour; TT027; idm; downtempo; electronic; torrentech
Downloads: 37
[audio]Mugwhump - Mutilator - Mugwhump
Mugwhumps's "The Mutilator" album. Well, we love to expect the unexpected. Here we have an interesting, ever-changing piece of music, but still we can categorize it as IDMish Drum & Bass. Or Drum & Bassy IDM? Also, there is some Experimentish Ambient. Seems like great deal of inspiration was incorporated into this great release, and probably again, it's not for anyone's ear. This music is so rich and demands attention, and one may think that's the failure of it, but he is utterly and definitely ...
Keywords: TT017; Mugwhump; torrentech; enectronic; IDM; Drum & Bass; Experimental; Ambient
Downloads: 70
[audio]Geche - In Absentia - Geche
Now every admirer of music in genaral, should understand that this release by Geche is s e r i o u s l y amazing. I'm rotating it for few days now and I don't intend to stop it. It does remind me of the best Future Sound Of London works, because all is there: live instruments (mostly piano), female vocals and electronics of course. Audio production is perfect, really one of the best I've heard lately...
Keywords: Geche; torrentech; tt021; idm; downtempo; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 73
[audio]Dark Invader - A Million Dreams, One Reality - Dark Invader
We're bringing you the proper classic sounding drum & bass from one of TT radio DJs and active community members. There are some relaxing as well as "angry" vibes on this album, and I guess the most dnb followers will appreciate this stuff. Enough said, now go download it! :) Artist site:
Keywords: Dark Invader; tt011; drum & bass; torrentech; electronic
Downloads: 43
[audio]Tweak - Your Brain On Drugs - Tweak
A debut release for Tweak on Torrentech netlabel brings us some interesting and fresh IDM and Experimental sound. There's even one track that can be classified as not-standard Dubstep, and overall you get that experimental feel when you listen to it. While consuming this album, you never know what will happen next, and this may be the greatest beauty of it. But it's all so close personal and subjective when it comes to listening to stuff like this.....
Keywords: TT039; Tweak; experimental; idm; dubstep; chiptune; torrentech
Downloads: 63
[audio]Bloomer White - Stolen Goods - Bloomer White
Torrentech netlabel was always specially pleased to release debut albums. Stolen Goods by Bloomer White is another one. Given the fact this is the first "official" output from him, I would call this album nothing short of outstanding. Calming Downtempo beats in IDM style, with some female vocals are really good way to get down and relax. No matter it's musical debut from Bloomer White, this music sounds so mature and I personally enjoy it very much...
Keywords: Bloomer White; TT043; dowtempo; idm; ambient; electronic; torrentech
Downloads: 178
[audio]Re-Drum - 1969 - Re-Drum
Re-Drum's new album is pretty much conceptual one. He sampled only music from year 1969 and managed to mix it into very chilling and mature downtempo album. Really it's not much electronic to be honest, but given the usage of samples, looping and effects it quite fits into general electronic music vibe. As for the album itself, the first impression is that it's so so chilled and consistent. Nice and easy, it doesn't consume too much power to fully understand it.....
Keywords: TT037; Re-Drum; Sampled; Downtempo; Funk; Psychedelic Rock; torrentech
Downloads: 63
[audio]Re-Drum - Colours I & II - Re-Drum
Here comes the new Re-Drum, now a bit more techy, noisy and minimal. We can still hear Re-Drum's touch to it, this is for easy listening by the people who also admire 4-on-the-floor beats. Naming the tracks after colours is logical, we all do know everything is vibration, every color carries its vibe... It's nice to hear how someone hears the colours... Do you listen to colours too? :) Artist site:
Keywords: TT012; Re-Drum; Torrentech; IDM; Dub Techno; Minimal; Ambient
Downloads: 33
[audio]Shivaxi - Instrumentally Challenged: Black & White - Shivaxi
Old school drum & bass listeners will love the classic sound on the debut album by Shivaxi. After several good listens I can only say it's a hell of a good start for this young producer. There are two faces of Instrumentally Challenged: Black & White, successfully depicting the feel you get while listening, and showing the way Shivaxi is seeing darker and lighter moods of dnb. It's not much of experimentation, but what's good about this album is that it's really the definition of drum & bass, an...
Keywords: Shivaxi; TT033; Drum and Bass; dnb; torrentech
Downloads: 51
[audio]Dave Stitch - Rave New World - Dave Stitch
Another deep one from Torrentech's kitchen. Somewhere between IDM and Drum & Bass with Experimental edge, this release is very good. This is one of the albums you just have to "switch-on" to understand, these tracks are not for child's play, and the more you listen to 'em you find some new meanings. All in all, this is the right stuff, for right people.
Keywords: Dave Stitch; torrentech; tt016; Abstract; IDM; Drum & Bass; electronic
Downloads: 53
[audio]Re-Drum - Microcosmos - Re-Drum
Maybe you already have listened to Microcosmos, but that doesn't matter at all... Good album such this is deserves to be re-released and heard again, possibly finding its path to some new admirers of Re-Drum's expression. This is the deepest deep house with dub elements you can imagine. 101% chilled and perfect for siesta. This music gives you the inner peace and it's even visually intensive: I can associate it very well with some dreamy natural paysages...
Keywords: Re-drum; torrentech; tt044; deep house; house
Downloads: 64
[audio]Various - Cyan / In My Mind / New Kicks (Remixes)
What we have here is the first Torrentech remix compilation! It's natural that we came to this point because of the strong online community that is responsible for plenty of friendships and ideas of remixing each others work. Remixes are really not constrained by genre the original track is, so we have some dubstep beast here made over smooth dnb or even a pure disco-house remix of IDM track, so yes.....
Keywords: TT028; torrentech; Dubstep; IDM; Downtempo; Drum & Bass; Disco
Downloads: 61 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Josh Winiberg - Fairytale - Josh Winiberg
Ambiental music with a rhythmic background is maybe what best describes the Fairytale album by Josh Winiberg. Oboe in 2nd track Frühling sounds almost like Classical piece, but still not lacking electronic moments. This music is thoughtful, deep, joyful and relaxing. Definitely very well worth spending some bandwidth and time. Artist site:
Keywords: TT032; torrentech; ambient; downtempo; techouse; electronic; tech-house
Downloads: 99
[audio]Josh Winiberg - Game Over - Josh Winiberg
It's very interesting to hear Josh Winiberg, experienced piano composer, making his first steps in electronic music. "Game Over" really sounds inspirative and I think it's because Josh actually was kind of amazed by the freedom to experiment and invent sounds too, not just melodies. This is some kind of deep and fairly minimal techno, but in the other hand, I can say too it's very unusual sounding and really not constrained by common understanding what is techno...
Keywords: TT024; Josh Winiberg; torrentech; techno; electro; minimal
Downloads: 23
[audio]Cezar - Artefakt - Cezar
To be perfectly honest, this music just can't be for anyone, the more... rare are the ones who get the point. And perhaps, the active listening to this stuff requires dark room, good comfortable sofa and very very weird mood. It's real Ambient, with no rhythm, there's no any melodies in their classic sense. Everything is about the sound layers that are morphing for 63 long minutes. Are you ready for this? Do you have that courage to listen to it all? Artist site:
Keywords: tt017; torrentech; cezar; dark ambient; drone; industrial; noise
Downloads: 19
[audio]Dave Stitch - "Rave New World" - Dave Stitch / Bad Sekta
Stitch - "Rave New World" (320kbps MP3 - Most of this album was written whilst living in a bus around the north circular in 2005/06 (although a couple of tracks date back to a squat we had on Victoria Park road in 2003). It was finished a year later then put thru Hue Jah Fink's nice box, (Google this man by the way!!) It was meant for a hardcopy release but i lacked any throwaway finances...
Keywords: dave stitch; rave new world; bad sekta; badsekta; bass; wonk; glitch; idm; braindance; squat party; abstract electronic music; electro; fuktv; torrentech; headfuk; frogs; blah
Downloads: 326
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